Our Research Team

This project aims to raise awareness about the current BC Government's guidelines on how to safely wash clothing that is worn during farm work or pesticide application. Clothing that has been worn in fields where pesticides are used has been found to be one of the major sources of indoor pesticide contamination. Safe handling of these garments can reduce farmers' and farm family members' exposure to pesticides.

Anne-Marie Nicol
Co-Principal Investigator

Research Associate
UBC School of Environmental Health

Anne-Marie Nicol is a Research Associate in the School of Environmental Health at the University of British Columbia. The Wash With Care project is an extension of Anne-Marie's PhD dissertation work, which examined how farm families are exposed to pesticides in British Columbia. Anne-Marie holds degrees in Epidemiology, Environmental Health, and Communications, and her areas of research include pesticide exposure, health risk communication, risk assessment, and media studies.

Hugh Davies
Co-Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor
UBC School of Environmental Health

Hugh is a board-certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) who has a BSc in genetics, an MSc in occupational hygiene, and a PhD in interdisciplinary studies. His primary areas of expertise are retrospective exposure assessment, particularly for epidemiological studies, the role of noise in stress and chronic disease, and the measurement and control of noise in the workplace. He is currently developing an environmental "noise map" of Vancouver as part of a large epidemiologic study investigating the joint effects of traffic-related noise and air pollution on heart disease risk. He also has ongoing research projects involving occupational exposures in a variety of industries including farming, silviculture, tree-falling, and lumber manufacturing. At UBC he teaches courses in chemical and biological measurement, occupational epidemiology, as well as grant-writing skills for an interdisciplinary graduate program ("Bridge") that develops creative evidence-based prevention measures for public, environmental and occupational health problems.

Kitty Corbett
Researcher, Communications

Professor and Director, SFU Undergraduate Programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Kitty Corbett is a Medical Anthropologist with training in Public Health. She is especially interested in research methods, health communication, and social marketing. After studying in California (B.A. at Stanford; PhD and M.P.H. at the University of California, Berkeley), she became a professor at the University of Colorado in Denver. She moved to BC to Simon Fraser University in 2005 where she is a Professor and the Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences. She has worked with many communities and organizations to plan, carry out, and evaluate disease prevention and health promotion programs. She has been involved with many issues that affect communities' health; for example, tobacco use, HIV/AIDS, and how people use antibiotics and other medicines. In addition to Canada and the United States, she has worked in Mexico, Taiwan, Peru, Russia, Guatemala, and Mongolia. Her role on the Wash With Care Project includes helping to plan the communication campaign, design the media materials, and evaluate the project.

David Murphy
Media Design & Production

Lecturer, SFU School of Communication

David Murphy is a Lecturer in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, teaching courses in the area of media production and analysis. His research interests include the exploration of methods to improve the design of media communication within specific communities. His current area of concentration is using media to communicate health and risk information. David's role in the Wash With Care project will be to coordinate and direct the media design and production elements.

Satwinder Bains
Research Consultant

Director, Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies
Instructor, UFV School of Social Work and Human Services

Satwinder Bains is the Director of the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley and an Instructor in the School of Social Work and Human Services. Currently, she is a PhD student at Simon Fraser University in the Faculty of Education. Her research interest and expertise is in the field of cross cultural education. At the present time she is researching schools that are language rich because of their student demographics and the impact of language as a cultural tool. She is interested in community interactions and connections. Satwinder has 25 years of work experience in community development in the Fraser Valley, provincially, nationally and internationally. Satwinder will be helping provide consultation and expertise to help recruit staff for the study in the Fraser Valley.

Linda Dix-Cooper
Research Coordinator

UBC School of Environmental Health

Linda Dix-Cooper graduated from Yale in 2006 with her BA in psychology and has since helped develop the Wash With Care study. Linda's interests include pesticide exposure, neuroscience, risk perception, and cultural psychology. This fall Linda commences her MS at UC Berkeley in environmental health sciences, but will continue part-time with Wash With Care. Her roles thus far have included performing background research, study design, setting up community contacts, preparing study materials and study team coordination.

Hardeep Lidder
Research Assistant

UBC School of Environmental Health

Hardeep graduated from UBC with a BSc in Cell Biology and Genetics and is now applying to various post graduate programs. As a research assistant, Hardeep has met with women farm workers and their families in the Lower Mainland (mainly Abbotsford), and located various contacts in the farming industries.

Bindu Sadder
Graphic Artist


Bindu is our creative artist and graphic designer. Her goal is to gain recognition in the design industry by contributing her skills and experience to create the Wash With Care logo. She has more than 8 years of experience in graphic design in Delhi, India and she is currently enhancing her education at Langara College's graphic design program in Vancouver.

Yogita Grover
Research Assistant


Yogita has her Bachelor of Arts in communications from Simon Fraser University. Using her multi-lingual skills, she will be interviewing participants for the first phase of the Wash With Care project. She is interested in projects geared towards helping South Asian immigrants as well as gaining marketing-related experience.

Faiza Zia Khan
Research Assistant


Faiza has been actively involved with journalism since 1998. She has won numerous awards and accolades in print, radio and TV journalism. Her area of concentration is cultural diversity, ethnic communities and multiculturalism. Faiza's thesis "An evaluation of ethnic media and audiences in British Columbia" earned her a First Class Honours in Communication from Simon Fraser University. In 2006-7, Faiza has been the Coordinator for Media Democracy Day, Vancouver events (www.democraticmedia.ca). She researched on ethnic communities with the Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities at SFU. This culminated in a collaborative report "Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Media in BC" for the Department of Canadian Heritage Western Region (www.bcethnicmedia.ca). Faiza also serves as the Senior Editor for BioSynergy magazine (www.biosynergyonline.com). This is an international student-run magazine originating from Harvard-MIT and the University of Toronto focusing on life sciences. Faiza is a graduate student at the UBC School of Journalism, Vancouver, British Columbia. Currently Faiza is working as Research Assistant for the Wash With Care project. Her role involves data collection, transcription and focus groups among other responsibilities.

Christie Hurrell
Communication Strategist

Executive Director,
Centre for Health and Environment Research

Christie Hurrell is the Executive Director of the UBC Centre for Health and Environment Research (CHER). Christie is responsible for researching, developing, and implementing creative and technical strategic communications, outreach, and knowledge translation programs at CHER. She enjoys working with faculty, students, and other stakeholders to help them communicate their research in accessible and innovative ways. She will be assisting the Wash With Care team in developing a communications strategy to share its results with the people who can use them.

Rebecca Love
Project Coordinator

UBC School of Population and Public Health

Rebecca has a BSc in Biology and Environmental Science from Trent University and a MPH from UBC. Her primary area of study has been community- and ecosystem-based approaches to health in vulnerable populations, focusing on aboriginal health in rural and remote communities. She has worked in the remote communities of Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk running a community-based chronic disease prevention project and coordinated the province-wide community-based environmental campaign Project Porchlight in southern Ontario. She has worked on research projects involving environmental exposure to nanomaterials, PBDEs and PFCs and soil contaminants. Her work with Wash With Care involves coordinating community outreach, media relations, study team coordination and research in pesticide exposure.

Harpreet Gill
Community Outreach

UBC School of Environmental Health

Harpreet is an Occupational Hygiene MSc student at the School of Environmental Health (SOEH). He evaluated wood dust and formaldehyde exposure in film construction shops in Vancouver during his summer co-op position. He was a key member of the team that completed an occupational hygiene audit at Vancouver international Airport (YVR). He wants to work at the grass root level in the community to spread awareness about occupational health issue. His primary role in the WWC team is community outreach by using knowledge transfer techniques for the target Punjabi farming population.